3R's Rule


3Rs rules to help the environment

Executing 3Rs rules in the operations: 

All staff working at Golden Dragon is committed to carrying out the 3Rs rules in all operations and management.



  • Use biodegradable kraft box, paper-based straw and wooden cutlery

  • Use CheckIt digital device instead of 25 daily records hard copy for HACCP management 

  • Use energy efficient LED bulbs

  • Use energy suppliers with renewable resource

  • Carry out a series of procedures disposing of dirty water going down the drain

  • Reduce paperless by using digital menu

  • Reduce the volume of using paper, minimise flyers in A5 size instead of A4


  • Re-use used paper in the office

  • Use rechargeable batteries

  • Use washable chef hats


  • Collect waste cooking oil (Approx. 1,100kg yearly) 

  • Cardboard (Approx. 8,000kg yearly)

  • Plastic containers, Bottles and Tubs (Approx. 3,000kg yearly)

  • Plastic film packaging (Approx. 1,000kg yearly) 

Executing 3Rs rules in serving customers:

Committed  to providing 3R rules in the customer services, Golden Dragon collaborates with customers to help the environment.


  • Reduce plastic containers waste - Biodegradable kraft box for Noodle Box, Rice Box, Box Meal,

  • Reduce plastic straws waste - Biodegradable paper straws for all cold drinks .

  • Reduce plastic cutleries - Biodegradeable wooden cutleries available (FREE of charges)  


  • Customers bring their own containers for takeaway, who will get 50p off per dish.


  • In order to encourage customers to participate in recycle waste, Golden Dragon organised a Recycle Design Challenge.