What is the history of the Chinese Dragon


Scientists tell us Dragons are mythical creatures. But are they? In prehistoric China, the Chinese believed that everything on the earth was controlled by a power; one of these powers was believed to be a physical being. With their limited knowledge at that time they imagined that it was a beast of prey called a Dragon and that these Dragons came to the earth from the sky.


Soaring in the sky, it would resemble a bird of prey. It also surfed on a huge wave and swam into deep water, moving without using legs. In Chinese history, it was written that Dragons preferred surfing rather than soaring in the sky and walking on the earth.


The characteristics of a Dragon’s body included a mixture of fabulous animals, such as a stag’s horns, a head like a camel, ears like a cow, a rabbit’s eyes, neck like a snake, belly like a fog, its scales were like a carp’s, claws like an eagle, and paws like a tiger, it had whiskers on the sides of its mouth and a bright pearl growing under its chin.


Chinese people also thought that the King was the son of the sky; they believed he had superior power like a Dragon and therefore was delegated to govern his country. They also thought that there was nothing more unique than the symbol of the Dragon, therefore a fitting symbol to exclusively represent the King of China. The Dragon chosen was a Golden Dragon.  

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