(New generation of young Chinese culinary chef)


Golden Dragon HEAD Chef

Hong Konger by heart Jason came to the UK during his teenage years. Shortly after finishing secondary school he moved to Swansea and began working at the Golden Dragon aspiring to become a Chinese culinary chef in providing heathy Chinese options. 

Like many others who have worked at the Golden Dragon takeaway Jason had begin working as a Dish Washer to then Kitchen Assistant to learn the fundamental basics of Chinese takeaway operation to then be invited to Junior Chef program and finally become a Senior Chef at the Golden Dragon.

Recently Jason created his signature dishes which compromises healthy, organic and vegan ingredients. Please feel free to check out dishes below.

"Hi I'm Jason and I am one of the senior chefs at the Golden Dragon Takeaway. As a new generation of young Chinese culinary chef I am always looking creating alternative Chinese options containing organic and vegan ingredients for healthier Chinese meals."

My Signature Dishes


Blessing Mix Vegetarian

Ingredients: Mock Chicken, Green Peppers, Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms, Baby Corns, Strew Mushrooms, Cashew Nuts


The meaning of Blessing Mix Vegetarian is a blessings made by eight ingredients with rich taste of spice.

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