Industry Initiator


As a pioneer of Chinese Takeaway, we are used to integrate our operation and quality control with advanced technologies, which including recipes, food ingredients, storage, food preparation, HACCP operation, and making well using with new technology equipments and innovative device.   


Our Chef team spent one year in doing a research for "No MSG" on all the meals which we provide on the current menu. 


By the way, our chef team strive without cease to do testing by trial and error to make No MSG, eventually we found a single formula on each dish with no added MSG, which is called "Common Ingredients". Fortunately, the formula has been created in the end of 2017.


The Common Ingredient is used in our preparing and cooking, which has been adopted in the same time with "No MSG" cooking on 1st January 2018. 

Either sweeten dishes or salty dishes, we currently use this common ingredient for cooking any dishes, and it is designed suitable for all of the dishes, up to high level of quality, consistently quality control, high efficiency in cooking, easy to use by anyone.


The Common Ingredient brings lots of benefits to Golden Dragon that it is unexpected. Those include


1. Provide healthier dishes for customers

2. Prevent too much sugar or salt 

3. Enhance productivity 

4. Keep stable repeat order from customers

5. Less quality complaint from customers

6. Reduce training hours for on job training    

7. Easy to hire employees

8. More easy to create new dishes