Chinese Eating Culture


Thousands of years  ago, the Yellow River region was the cradle of the Chinese eating culture that was gradually spreading across the basin of Changkiang and Pearl river. This introduced three major kinds of eating cultures.

The menu of the Yellow River was partial to salty tastes. Changkiang was divided into two parts of the basin, so naturally there were different eating styles. the upper river basin of Changkiang had a spicy and hot tastes, and the down river basin was a sweetish taste. Fresh ingredients were important to the menu of Pearl River.

The tastes of Chinese Eating Culture have developed into four major parts. The Eastern Part had a sweet taste called peking style, Southern has fresh called Cantonese Style, Western has Spipy hot called Szechaun Style, and northern has a salty flavour. 

Chinese cuisine is divided into four styles of cooking methods, dry frying, shallow frying, deep frying and boiling. 

How do the Chinese create such unique dishes? Besides using the finest ingredients, the important process is to cook the food at extremely high temperature using "wok effect". The Chinese have been using this unique and skilful style of cooking for thousands years. To create these wonderful dishes the cook has to be highly knowledgeable in Chinese cuisine as well as having the experience and skills to blend the delicate flavours, the wok has to be heated up to 250 degrees in order produce the finished delicious Chinese dishes.

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