Community Work 2018

Navid helping Matthew 

Matthew our customer who recently had an operation on his left knee. The surgery has left him in a painful state causing distribution in his basic lifestyle.


Matthew and his wife has have two very young children, they live out of town approximately 10 miles away from the city centre, and since his wife doesn't drive, and Matthew has to constantly keep his knee still.


Navid our delivery driver drove to helped babysit, cleaning and tidying his home and on another occasion drove his family to help to the city to help them with grocery shopping.


To our most loyal customer Karen

11th Sept 2018, Today marks a very special day for the Golden Dragon and our most loyal customer Karen who has been ordering with us for over 10 years.

From the very first day she ordered with we never ever had imagined she would continuously order with us week after week for over 10 years.

It is with great pleasure we could made a gesture to Karen by offering her for her lifetime 20% OFF for any Delivery & Collection orders and Free Delivery Charge to our very important customer Karen.


Giving Billy his first Porsche ride to Prom 2018

On 21st June 2018, it was our shop's neighbour Billy's big day at prom, for any teenager going to their first prom in a Porsche would be a dream. We were delighted that we can make it happen for him. We hope Billy thoroughly enjoyed the prom and the experience in the Porsche. We also wish Billy all the best for your future endeavours.