Our Operation


To ensure our operation being on the right track, we all staff with highest professional and ethics standards strictly execute our operation under the system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in all stage all the time.

Golden Dragon has been recognised as "Score 5" rating and inspected on 18th June 2018 at very good by Food Standards Agency and rated as Score 5 food to takeaway consecutively since 2011, 

HACCP Management -

Executing HACCP management systematic approach in the operation to ensure that our food is safety in preparing processes, cooking, packaging and delivery, seven principles of HACCP designed in the daily operation and implementing in each process, we maintain 21 documents and records in the daily work for monitoring food hazard risks to a safe level.  A 3-point check method, a preventive approach to food safety from hazard, is a measurement designed by our quality control team in order for reducing food hazard and ensuring our food in preparing or cooking reaching temperature above 85° before handling or delivering to customers that keeping all the procedures compliant with regulatory requirements in all stages all the time.


Pre-employment training -

Kitchen staff will be received an in-house pre-job training which including HACCP operation in the kitchen, Food Hygiene, Micro-organisms, Food Poisoning How & Why, Temperature and Micro-Organisms, Storage & Temperature Control, Waste Disposal,Cross-contamination, Cleaning, Chilling, Cooking Safely Method, Food Safety Regulations 1990. 

Chef also will be received a formal training "Food Safety in Catering Level 2" conducting by outsourcing qualified agent, which including Food Poisoning, Bacteriology, Prevention of Contamination and Food Poisoning, Personal Hygiene, Premises, Equipments and Pest Control, Cleaning and Disinfection, Legislation. 

Digital Food Safety Recorded by Third Party -

Digital Food Safety Management power by Check It, which is a n innovative HACCP controlling system in recording and monitoring our operation, workflow, storage, preparation, cooking and packaging before delivering to our customers. Golden Dragon has been implementing this system in 2018.   

Pest Control -

With a contract between a RSPH qualified technicians "Accredited Technician in Pest Control", we seriously carry out the operation in the pest control inspected by in-house management weekly and hiring an outsourcing qualified technician to inspect the premises for every six-week in order to keep monitoring the situation of the premises in pest control.    

High Quality Control -

As high level quality food is base on high quality control, consistent ingredient is the element of quality food. All recipes and ingredients at Golden Dragon are measured by weight and strictly controlled in all procedures.     

Healthier Meals -

Less Oil, Less Sugar, Less Salt, No MSG, No Artificial Colour

A health meal menu with less oil, less sugar, less salt, no MSG and no artificial colour is provided at Golden Dragon. Besides the healthy meals, a healthy element ingredients with no-added MSG is apply to all traditional dishes at Golden Dragon. 

Eating Healthier -

Organic N Vegan meals is prepared for the people who loves "Eating Healthier". All the Organic Ingredients is allocated separately storing in an organic fridge and storage. Getting certified for "Organic Certification" is in progress.

Fairtrade & Organic Coffee -

Fairtrade Coffee and Sugar is available proving for the customers who supports "Fairtrade". 

Fairtrade Organic Nicaraguan Coffee and  Fairtrade Organic Ethiopian Mocha Coffee are selected by Golden Dragon 2018

Home Delivery -

With passion in the job of home delivery, a qualified team of delivery drivers has been received with pre-job training "National Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff" and designated to provide professional fast delivery and keeping food in safety while doing home delivery service to customer that whatever who needs Chinese hot meals, ice cream, cold  or alcohol delivery.