Our Story


Photo of Dim Sum

The third generation of catering and family Chinese takeaway business operator, Charles possesses Chinese cooking techniques when he was a teenager learning from his mother at Golden Dragon. His grandpa is an exceptional master chef of Hong Kong with experience over 50 years  in catering industry, who having a gift for creating variety of traditional Chinese dishes, including Dim Sum, Curry, Main Course, Deserts, Chow Mein and Noodles. Today, all the dishes prepared at Golden Dragon with secret recipes and unique ingredients was created by his grandpa since 1960. The secret recipes and special cooking techniques has been passed on Charles' mom in 2003 and used at Golden Dragon since 2005.

Charles completely understands the secret recipes which was the original ingredients of his grandpa's creations. With a forward-thinking leading with the chef team, Charles spent two years successfully finding new ingredients on all the dishes no added MSG.


On 1st January 2018, Golden Dragon announced that "For Healthy Eating, we do not use MSG in the kitchen from 1st January 2018." It brings Golden Dragon in enhancing the image of Chinese takeaway to become the best Chinese takeaway in Swansea.